Publication in Sustainability

Martin Loidl, together with Dana Kaziyeva, Robin Wendel, Claudia Luger-Bazinger, Matthias Seeber and Charalampos Stamatopoulos of the DyMoN consortium published an article in Sustainability, describing a framework for triggering situation-aware nudges that can motivate people to use sustainable modes of transport. This is is facilitated by geographic information systems (GIS).

Structure of the main parts of the paper

The context ultimately decides on mobility options and thus shapes mobility behavior. Nudges are an increasingly used strategy for promoting sustainable modes of everyday mobility. However, in most cases, the design of nudges and the triggers for issuing these interventions neglect the user’s specific context and are thus less relevant to the recipient. Digital nudges communicated through mobile devices offer situation awareness, which is facilitated by geographic information systems (GIS). Using the geographic reference as the “primary key” allows for connecting the current location information of recipients with static and real-time environmental data that define the contextual situation. The article describes a framework for triggering situation-aware nudges and provides a functional proof-of-concept. Through linking concepts from behavioral economics and psychology with methods from GIS science and Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), new opportunities for promoting sustainable mobility are illuminated.

For more Information please see to read the paper in the 14th issue (volume 15) of Sustainability.

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