Successful first Webinar

First session “An interdisciplinary view on sustainable urban mobility behaviour

On 16th of November the first session of the DyMoN webinar series on an interdisciplinary view on sustainable mobility was successful. 38 participants engaged actively with our two speakers, Dr. Claudia Luger-Bazinger (psychologist) and Dr. Martin Loidl (geographer) who gave two uniquely different perspectives on sustainable mobility from their respective fields. Our participants learned of the so called COM-B model of behaviour (Michie, van Stralen, & West, 2011) and how it can be adapted for mobility behaviour, as well as how to develop effective behavioural interventions. From the geographical perspective they learned of the origins of and different aspects of sustainable mobility to keep in mind when thinking about how to improve the conditions for the use if sustainable modes of transport.

The Handbook Digital Nudging for sustainable mobility was presented as accompanying literature for the serminar series. If interested, the handbook can be downloaded for free from

The recording of this first webinar session can be found on Youtube or right here:

Download the Slides: