Month: December 2023

DyMoN Webinar Series: third session coming up!

DyMoN webinars for an interdisciplinary view on motivating sustainable urban mobility

Within the project “Dynamic Mobility Nudge” (DyMoN), we bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to support people in making sustainable choices when it comes to urban mobility. Join us during upcoming (remote) webinars for an interdisciplinary view on motivating sustainable urban mobility. This free webinar series will be accompanied by the handbook “Digital nudging for sustainable mobility” (available for free download at

For more Information about the Webinar Series please see DyMoN Webinar Series

The third Webinar, Using data to support sustainable mobility behaviour, takes place on 11th of January 2024 from 14.00 to 15.00 (UTC+1) via Zoom.

In other fields, such as health, it is quite common to not only design digital behavioural interventions and nudges (e.g. motivational strategies), but to also combine them with information about the relevant context of a person to increase effectiveness. The basic idea behind this is that a person’s decisions and behaviour are also very dependent on the current context. By considering situational variables, we get a more realistic picture of a person’s current context, and in turn, the behavioural interventions and nudges have a greater chance of being effective. Within this webinar, we show how situational aspects relevant for mobility behaviour can be digitally represented and integrated in a Geographical Information System (GIS) to be further used for “situation-aware nudges”. Moreover, we will show how the collected data can also be used to feed it into multiple products, such as a data dashboard that displays multiple indicators for sustainable mobility in a visual, focused format. 

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Exploring innovations: ISPIM Connects Conference Delegates explore SalzburgResearch and the DyMoN project

On December 12th, an group of around thirty participants from the ISPIM Connects Conference delved into the world of innovation during their visit to SalzburgResearch. The session provided an insightful overview of the company’s initiatives, one aspect being our innovative DyMoN project.

The visit commenced with a warm welcome from Eva Hollauf and director Sigfried Reich, who set the stage for an engaging exploration of SalzburgResearch’s projects. The attendees had the invaluable opportunity to interact with project representatives, gaining detailed insights and fostering new connections.

One highlight of the presented projects was a conversational introduction of the DyMoN project, where participants were immersed in the field test experience and introduced to the cutting-edge handbook on digital nudging for sustainable mobility. To extend the knowledge-sharing opportunities, the visitors were cordially invited to the upcoming DyMoN webinar sessions.

The format of the event facilitated extensive exchange, allowing for fruitful discussions on the potential applications and future enhancements of the DyMoN framework. The engagement reached its conclusion on a festive note, as participants gathered for an open-ended networking session over mulled wine and sweets.

This collaborative encounter between ISPIM Connects Conference delegates and SalzburgResearch not only provided a closer look into the company’s innovative projects but also served as a platform for cultivating meaningful connections and discussions. The success of this visit underscores the importance of such interactions in advancing the frontier of technological innovation and sustainable solutions.

Link to the handbook:

Successful second webinar and recording

On 07th of Dezemer the second session of the DyMoN webinar series on an interdisciplinary view on sustainable mobility took place. 23 participants worked with our speakers Dr. Claudia Luger-Bazinger and David Leistner to learn about digital behaiour change, nudging and situation aware nudges. After getting an overview of the theoretical background of the DyMoN project, we dove deeper into the practical aspects of the handbook. Using the example of the field test in Salzburg, Science City Aktiv Mobil, the participants thought through the process of designing digital behaviour interventions with a canvas from the handbook.

The Handbook Digital Nudging for sustainable mobility can be downloaded for free fom:

Th recording of the second webinar session can be found on Youtube or right here:

The presentation slides can be downloaded here: