Successful third DyMoN webinar

On 11th of January 2024 the third session of the DyMoN webinar series on an interdisciplinary view on sustainable mobility took place.

In the recent webinar, 37 participants explored the potent synergy of digital behavioral interventions and contextual insights in reshaping mobility decisions with our experts Dr. Martin Loidl and Sebastian Gatscha from trafficon. We highlighted the significance of situational variables, showcasing their integration into a Geographical Information System (GIS) for powerful “situation-aware nudges.”

The session demonstrated how this approach enhances intervention effectiveness by tailoring strategies to real-time contexts. Additionally, we unveiled the versatility of collected data, showcasing its integration into a user-friendly data dashboard displaying key indicators for sustainable mobility.

Additionally, we gave insight into the modular architecture of the IT-infrastructure behind the project, that made delivering the situation aware nudges technically posibble.

In essence, our webinar showcased the transformative impact of situational awareness on mobility behavior, emphasizing the practical applications of GIS integration and data utilization for sustainable solutions.

The Handbook Digital Nudging for sustainable mobility can be downloaded for free fom:

Th recording of the third webinar session can be found on Youtube or right here:

The presentation slides can be downloaded here: