Productive workshops at OASC Conference 2024

On 16th-17th of January 2024 Open & Agile Smart Cities invited to the “Become Better Connected” conference in Rotterdam, to offer an opportunity to network with the international network of OASC. Focus of this conference was to introduce a more immersive, interconnected world connecting physical and digital spaces into one ecosystem.

At this years Open & Agile Smart Cities Conference, Dr. Claudia Luger-Bazinger and David Leistner had the honor of presenting the project DyMoN and our handbook to an interested audience. In two sessions of 45 min our participant got an insight into digital nudging for sustainable mobility. After getting an overview of how to design a digital nudging campaign with the help of our handbook, the participants had the opportunity to work through the process of developing effective behavioural interventions with their own examples under guidence of our experts.

If you would like to have more insights into the DyMoN handbook, feel free to Download it for free from