Successful fourth Session – The Webinar has come to an end

On 1st of February 2024 the fouth session of the DyMoN webinar series on an interdisciplinary view on sustainable mobility took place.

During this session 23 participants dove deeper into our two field tests and all the learnings we gathered in the project. David Leistner first presented the field test in Salzburg, Austria, which focused on proving the technical feasability of the DyMoN framework, as well as on provinding preliminary insights into the beavioural effectiveness of the nudges. Harris Stamatopoulos proceeded to present the DyMoN hackathon in Uppsala, Sweden which aimed to prove the flexibility of the DyMoN framework by applying it to different problems. Dr. Claudia Luger-Bazinger, as project manager finally presented 10 learnings and recommendations that came from the project. The first recommendations included:

  • to see Digital Behaviour Change tools as addition to “hard interventions”;
  • to leverage already existing apps and online communities if possible;
  • and to involve citizens, representatives and other stakeholders ideally already from the beginning of the campaign design process.

The Handbook Digital Nudging for sustainable mobility, that was the backbone of this webinar series, can be downloaded for free fom:

We thank our fantastic speakers for contibuting their unique expertise to these webinars. Additionally, we thank our motivated and interested participants for the attention and for helping to turn this series to a interesting and fruitful experience for all.

Th recording of the fourth webinar session can be found on Youtube or right here:

The presentation slides can be downloaded here: