Science City Aktiv Mobil – Proof of Concept


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  • Dates: 23.03.2023 – 23.05.2023
  • Test Area: Science City Itzling, Salzburg Austria
  • App Partner:


Within our proof of concept, we want to demonstrate how situation-aware nudges can be used to shift mobility behaviour from individual car use towards more sustainable modes, like bicycling, public transport or walking. For this, we created the campaign “Science City Aktiv Mobil” that is held in a neighbourhood in Salzburg. Participants are recruited from companys located in the Science City Itzling to take part. For the duration of “Science City Aktiv Mobil”, field test, the participants will receive daily nudges in the form of push notifications via an app in order to motivate them for a more sustainable commute.

Users can indicate for which modes of mobility they want to receive motivation in form of nudges, and situation aware nudges are adjusted to the current context, like weather and traffic conditions. For additional motivation, users can collect points in the app for sustainable commutes to work. Online Surveys will be administered that will be used for evaluation.

Several events like talks, lunches and bicycle repair services will accompany our campaign “Science City Aktiv Mobil”.

For the purpose of the proof of concept, the project consortium partnered with Pandocs, an app for workplace health promotion, offering content around healthy living and fitness.   

Notifications and content in the Pandocs app.

Taking part

  • If you are working in the Science City Itzling, Salzburg and would like to take part, please reach out to David Leistner at
  • Kick-off Lunch will take place on 23rd of March, 11:30-12:00, Veranstaltungszentrum Techno-Z
  • Please note that the campaign will be held in German language.