The DyMoN Work Packages

Work Package: Project Management (Lead: Salzburg Research)

Salzburg Research is responsible for the project coordination of this project

Work Package: DyMoN proof of concept (Lead: Ecollective)

  • Proof of concept of the flexibility of the DyMoN framework to integrate new research prototypes developed in transnational hackathons in Uppsala
  • Proof of concept of the behavioural aspects of the DyMoN framework for investigating the effects of digital nudges on urban sustainable mobility in Salzburg

Work Package: DyMoN nudging repository (Lead: Salzburg Research)

  • Review of behaviour change techniques and nudging methods for sustainable mobility
  • Collection and analysis of user needs, including city representatives and citizens
  • Development of the design and content of the nudging repository and handbook
  • Validation of the content by experts and city representatives

Work Package: DyMoN project evaluation and impact assessment (Lead: Uppsala University)

  • Definition of evaluation criteria and indicators of success and design of the measurement procedures and methods
  • Evaluation of the DyMoN proof of concept phase and policy recommendations for the appropriate and effective application of digital nudging for sustainable mobility
  • Assessment of the project impact based on the dissemination and take-up of the project results

Work Package: DyMoN data hub and tools (Lead: ZGIS – University of Salzburg)

  • Development of the data process model of the DyMoN Data Hub
  • Data acquisition and setup of an integrated data pool with realtime and static data
  • Ontology development for linking context information to digital nudging rules
  • Demand analysis and implementation of software architecture and clients
  • Data-driven modeling and simulation of city transport dynamics

Work Package: DyMoN dissemination and exploitation (Lead: Sustainability InnoCenter)

  • Managing the dissemination and exploitation strategy towards the project target audiences
  • Providing the online communication platform for the project’s activities and results
  • Coordinate project events, presentations and publications